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2007-10-30 English OK! was featured in the Mainichi Newspaper!

Reporting on our Kinosaki Onsen area service English training.




2007-10-30 English OK! was featured in the Asahi Newspaper!

Reporting on our Kinosaki Onsen area service English training.




2007-06-11 English OK! is featured in Japan's No.1 Travel Trade Magazine - Travel Journal

On Page 47 - check it out




2007-05-24 Gourmet Night #18 - Fujimamas in Harajuku, Tokyo

Charity Dinner Event






2007-01-09 English OK! is now featured in the "Metropolis" magazine! (check it out!)

Who’s the Boss of You?
If you can break the bureaucracy, there is nothing more rewarding than starting your own business






2006-09-20 English OK! & Hato Bus Tie Up

English OK!'s search box is now also on Hato Bus Tokyo Sightseeing Tours' website.




2006-09-19 English OK! is featured in Hiragana Times.com!

Hiragana Times features English OK! in text and pictures.




2006-07-06 English OK! was featured on Nikkei-CNBC's "Business Trend"

Nikkei-CNBC documents the developments of English OK!




2006-05-31 English OK! was featured on TBS radio "Uwasano-chousatai"

Interviews with shops & salons that take our service English training.




2006-04-28 English OK! was featured on NHK's Eigo-de-shabera-night!

Eigo-de-sabera-night filmed English OK training a real estate agency.




2006-04-05 English OK! is featured in the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun"

"Tokio Shinkabito (Progressive People)"

"Understanding and valuing the idea of hospitality, English OK! provides customized materials for the specific needs of each industry." The Nikkei article describes the inspiration and motivation for English OK!'s new English training for service businesses.




2006-02-01 English OK! Beta Mobile Directory is launched!

Access maps & coupons via your mobile phone.




2006-01-22 English OK! is in the "Sanin Chuo-Shimpou" newspaper

"Tetsu no Michi Tsuuyaku Sodateyou"

English OK! was invited to the popular foreign tourist city - Oku-Izumo on January 21. Locals and students were excited to meet the English OK! team and listen to what the town could do in order to better help foreign travelers.




2005-11-28 English OK! is featured on Monthly Magazine Atama de Moukeru Jidai "Sukima Business"

"Sukima (Niche) Business "

The article describes English OK! as a new business launched by Japanese-Canadians that provides an interesting English training service for service businesses.




2005-11-10 English OK! is featured on Japan Today's "Executive Impact"

"English OK desu ka?"

English OK!'s Dave Mori is interviewed as part of Japan Today's Executive Impact series. Japan Today is Japan's largest English news and information portal.




2005-11-06 English OK! is featured on TBS's Gatchiri Monday.

"Foreigners Making Money in Japan"

English OK! returned to TBS at 7:45am on Sunday, November 06 on a business program, "Gatchiri Monday" broadcast nationally.




2005-10-12 English OK! on Fuji TV's Tokudane program

"Novel concepts...new businesses started by foreigners"

English OK! made its TV debut at exactly 9:22 AM on Wednesday, October 12th. The great people at Fuji TV and Tokudane, a nationally broadcasted "morning program", featured English OK!'s novel business.




2005-09-21 English OK! in Newsweek Japan!!!

"Nippon ni otokara ari" (Hidden Treasure in Japan)
Lack of customer-focus in Japan is providing great opportunities for entrepreneurs.




2005-08-12 English OK! is in Metropolis!!!

English OK, a company that supports businesses that provide service in English, recently launched a web directory and free email magazine...




2005-07-27 English OK! Mail Magazine is launched!

The latest listings, coupons and more.




2005-06-25 Japan's Premier Shop Directory is Launched!

English OK Web Directory is officially launched!




2004-11-08 The Beginning

English OK! is registered as a Kabushiki Kaisha





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