A–1 Carpet Company, Carpet Cleaning Service for Tokyo since 1951

A–1 Carpet Company

5% OFF Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning
or Free rug underlay for slippery/smooth floors for Oriental/Area rug cleaning.
(equivalent value is 10% off rug cleaning)

敷き込みカーペットクリーニング 5% OFF! or オリエンタルラグ、エリアラグのクリーニング代から10%分の滑り止めシートをプレゼント

Coupon may not be combined with other coupons or special offers
Print this page and present it to the shop before you make your purchase to get the discount

Foreign Establishments and Diplomats: A-1 Carpet Company is DS (Designated Store) of Tax Exemption Purchase for Foreign Establishments. Please fill in certificate form and show us your identification card to receive tax exemption.


Map to A–1 Carpet Company, Carpet Cleaning Service for Tokyo since 1951

Access & Directions to A–1 Carpet Company

Train Access

A-1 Carpet Company performs on-site carpet cleaning services.

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Contact Information for A–1 Carpet Company

3-16-3-101, Higashisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0074

Tel. 03-3645-8671



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