ICHII CORPORATION, Monthly Leased Furnished Apartments in Tokyo


Access & Directions to ICHII CORPORATION

Train Access

JR Gotanda Station, Toei Gotanda Station West Exit.

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Cross the intersection on your right towards the am/pm convenience store and Toko Hotel. Walk straight for about 4min. on the narrow street along the tracks. You will cross an intersection where the tracks cross Highway#2 above you. Straight ahead you will see "Mast-Life Meguro-Minami", a fourteen story pinkish brown building on the corner of the intersection. Our office is located in Room 702.

Contact Information to ICHII CORPORATION

Mast Life Meguro Minami 702 3-5-17 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Tel. 03-5437-5233



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