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Sep 16, 2011 FooTNiK Ebisu 10th Anniversary!- Sept. 28

On Sept. 28th, FooTNiK Ebisu will be celebrating 10 great years with an all night, one-coin drink special!  From 5PM- Late


Sep 16, 2011 Ornellaia Wine Dinner at Mario I Sentieri- Sept. 21

Chef Mario Frittoli of Mario I Sentieri will be collaborating with Ornellaia winery to create an amazing full course Tuscan cuisine and wine dinner.  Sept. 21st from 19:00- 22:00.


Aug 05, 2011 Sumida-gawa River Fireworks- Aug. 27

This year the Sumida River Fireworks will happen on August 27th. The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai or Sumida River Fireworks Festival is one of the largest fireworks events in Japan.


Aug 05, 2011 Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival-Aug. 27-28

The Koenji Awaodori Matsuri is the second largest Awaodori Dance Festival in Japan with over 188 ren or groups (about 12,000) dancers performing the Awa dance through the shotengai or shopping promenades of Koenji. August 27th and 28th from 3pm-6pm.


Jun 21, 2011 Ryokan Hirashin in Kyoto

Be sure to take a look at this lovely Japanese style ryokan in Kyoto.

Ryokan Hirashin, a traditional Japanese-style inn established more than 140 years ago, is situated in the heart of Kyoto, a mere three minutes on foot from Shijo-Karasuma Station.

Click here to make a reservation.


May 26, 2011 New Listing - Iioka Gloria Ryokan in Chiba

The ryokan is located near Iioka Gyoubu Misaki (Cape Gyoubu), one of the top 100 places in Japan for watching the sunrise and sunset. In addition the area also boasts gorgeous night views, a lovely view of Mt. Fuji, and a marvelous view of the beautiful Kujukurihama beach.

More Information



May 20, 2011 Japan Craft Beer Week in Tokyo

May 28th-29th, June 4th-5th at Ebisu Garden Place

It's back! The Japan Craft Beer Association's annual nationwide series of Beer Festivals really kicks-off with the "Beer-Rise Festival". Good Beer devotees will be welcomed with 100 - 200 different craft beers to try from Japan's leading craft brewers as well as some special international guest brews! Advance tickets are available. See the Japan Craft Beer Association official site for more information and full festival schedule.

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May 13, 2011 New Listing - Kaga & Hakusan

The Kaga-Hakusan area of Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with wonderful scenery and natural hot springs. The Kaga Onsen-kyo hot spring resort, which includes Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Katayamazu, and Awazu, is surrounded by picturesque views of the coast and the majestic Mt. Haku (Hakusan). 

Sightseeing in Kaga-Hakusan

Hot Springs in Kaga-Hakusan


Apr 07, 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region, people from all over Japan and the world rushed to give what aid and assistance they could. At the moment it appears that the best thing that can be done is to offer what financial support we can to the aid agencies working in the area. Some groups that you may wish to consider donating to:

Hands for Japan

The Japan Red Cross/International Federation of Red Cross Societies

Shelter Box

Medecins sans Frontieres


Nov 30, 2010 The Christmas Oxfam Charity Pub Quiz at THE FootNiK Ebisu

Held on Tuesday December 7th, 8pm at Footnik Ebisu
Free shots and food for special Shooter Questions!
... and a GRAND PRIZE!
Many question categories ... not just football!
1000 yen entry fee (proceeds to Oxfam – 480,000 yen raised so far)
Max 5 people per team
Individuals & small-team combining welcomed!
There will be a raffle/meishi draw with some incredible prizes from generous sponsors, 500 yen a ticket! 

Access to the Footnik in Ebisu


Nov 30, 2010 Sightsavers Charity "Charyoke" at THE FooTNiK Ebisu

Held on Thursday December 2nd, 8:30pm at Footnik Ebisuis the very first "Charyoke"!

This fundraiser is for Sightsavers, a British charity raising money for cataract operations throughout the developing world.
Sing for charity at a British-style "Pub" Karaoke!!
500 yen entry fee +100 yen per song (all proceeds to Sightsavers).
There will be games and prizes and plenty of songs! All abilities welcome!

Access to the Footnik in Ebisu


Nov 18, 2010 New Listing - Bessho Onsen Ryokan Association

Bessho Onsen Ryokan Association offers a wide variety of accommodations in Ueda City. Bessho Onsen is one of the oldest hot springs in Nagano Prefecture. The hot spring water contains natural minerals and theraputic properties that leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, hence the nickname, "Water of Beauty." This area is home to historic temples and cultural sites where you can appreciate Nagano's national treasures and important cultural assets. Because of it's deep historical background, Bessho Onsen is called the "Kamakura of Nagano." Taking in the beauty of Japanese historical buildings during the daytime and relaxing in a mineral-rich bath under the stars at night, will be a memorable experience you'll never forget!



Aug 25, 2010 Tokyo Jazz Festival

The Tokyo Jazz Festival this year will be held on September 3-5 at the Tokyo International Forum.  Known to be the largest jazz festival in Japan, this is an event no music-lover should miss.

Visit their page for more details


Aug 11, 2010 Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival

The Koenji Awaodori Matsuri is the second largest Awaodori Dance Festival in Japan with over 188 ren or groups (about 12,000) dancers performing the Awa dance through the shotengai or shopping promenades of Koenji.

Enjoy the lively dance while munching on some Japanese food and a cold beer. The festival starts at 6pm and lasts until 9pm. Don't miss out on this incredible festival!

This year, the Koenji Awaodori Dance Festival will be held on August 28th and 29th from 6pm-9pm.  

>>More Details



Aug 11, 2010 Azabu Juban Summer Festival

This year, the Azabu Juban Summer Festival will be held on August 20th to the the 22nd, in the well-known Azabujuban area.  Azabujuban, known for its trendy, international atmosphere, holds a yearly festival that grows in popularity every year.  Streets are flooded with matsuri goers enjoying street stalls selling international food and drinks.  Come enjoy this fun and lively fair!

Access- Azabujuban Station (Toei Oedo Line or Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line)


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