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Events in Japan

Events in Japan

Father's Day in Japan - "Chichi no hi" (Sunday, June 21, 2009)

Celebrated on the third Sunday in June


Father's Day presents an interesting challenge each year. What to get him and what to do? Dads are notoriously minimalist when it comes to gift ideas or things they’d like to do. So, yet another polo shirt? More socks? Another tie? An annual jaunt to the ground to get in a game?

While Mother’s Day is more a case of choosing from a long list of options, Father's Day is about doing something to say ‘thank you’ but not making a big event out of it at the same time.

Evidence of days or festivals celebrating fathers can be found as far back as 4,000 years ago. However, it is widely acknowledged that the efforts of a Ms. Sonora Dodd were what led to the eventual creation- in 1972- of the formal holiday as it is known today.

In North America it is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of each month while here in Japan, Father's Day is much more unofficial though no less appreciated by Dads!

Happy Father’s Day from the EOK! Team

Celebrate Father's Day:

Recommended Restaurants

Check out these father-pleasing, family-friendly dining establishments!

Outback Steakhouse in Shinagawa Outback Steakhouse in Shinagawa


Check out these father-pleasing, family-friendly dining establishments!

T.G.I. Friday's
10% Off at all locations

Outback Steakhouse
All locations offering free calamari!

Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurant
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Pubs & Bars

Give Dad beer. See him smile!

HUB, The English Pub
All HUB locations are offering 10% off

BELG AUBE, Belgian Pub
Offering 200 yen off your first draft of Belgian Beer

Pub Cardinal
Offering delicious food & a selection of beer

Japanese Craft Beer - Bring the best beer in Japan to your door for a special Fathers’ Day treat!
Recommended Craft Beers

Ginza Tailor Fukuoka, Order-made Suit Company in Shinjuku, Tokyo Ginza Tailor Fukuoka, Order-made Suit Company in Shinjuku, Tokyo



Gift Ideas: Tailors

A well-tailored suit, another tie, an order-made shirt, Dads can always use some help in the fashion department.

Ginza Tailor Fukuoka - Shinjuku
Offering 40% off Order-made Shirt!



Gift Ideas: Toys... Electronics

Well, as long as you can explain how it works.

Bic Camera

Yodobashi Camera

Yamada Denki




Other Gift Ideas

essence K - Massage Therapy (1,000 yen off)

Marcel Hair Salon (20% Off your first cut or Free Hair Treatment )

Cut Inn Sole (Free face care or cream bath with order of hair cut)



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