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Tips for British Pubs in Tokyo

John Rayner

John Rayner
Hailing from Sherwood Forest, Little John has been occupying space in the Far East for 10 years. His obsession with food and drink is only rivaled by his dedication to his beloved Saitama Jets.



Tokyo Nightlife - The British Pub Experience in Tokyo

Looking for a taste of home or at least some beer on tap? Well fortuntately Tokyo is home to a fair number of British pubs. Some are more authentic than others and the tips below will help you blend with the locals.

Tips for Pubs in Tokyo

Tipless Waitresses

Unlike in England where the customer orders and pays at the bar for each drink, it is often common in Japanese pubs/bars to have servers who will take orders at your table and deliver your drinks to you. Good news is that you are not expected to tip for this service either!

Drink measures

In Japan there doesn't seem to be any offical measuring system for alcohol, so although a lot of pubs will serve pints and halves, there are many which will simply use small, medium and large. The same applies to spirits where, like in continental Europe, the barstaff will simply heap in a measure of their liking (which is usually very generous).

Large Head

This can happen a lot in Japan but shouldn't be anything to get overly upset about. As stated above, there are no definitive sizes for beer, and to the Japanese the appearance is more important than quantity (same for food), so if you get an aesethitically pleasing large head but don't feel you're getting your bang for your yen, just think of it as normal here and, if you must, politely ask to have the head removed (this doesn't mean you will definitely get more beer though - sometimes just the removal of the head!). To foreigners it can seem annoying but when in Rome....

Beer variety

Visitors to pubs in Japan should bear in mind that the beer market here has been dominated by a few major companies which generally produce very similar, yet high quality lagers. If lager is not your thing, we recommend trying some of the microbrews if available or sticking to western beers. Most pubs will have only a few beers on tap, but usually have extensive bottled collections.

Sit down! (sometimes)

A lot of pubs do have standing areas and don't mind customers standing up to drink in the traditional sense, however you may find a few that prefer customers to sit down at a designated table (probably ones which have a table tab rather than pay per drink policy). Just so you know...


Recommended British Pubs in Tokyo, Japan

The Aldgate, Traditional British Pub in Shibuya, Tokyo

The Aldgate, Traditional British Pub in Shibuya, Tokyo The Aldgate, Traditional British Pub in Shibuya, Tokyo


The Aldgate is one of Shibuya's hidden gems. Tucked away above the bustling avenues of Shibuya’s Hachiko, the Aldgate’s cozy surroundings offer music on request, 4 screens for games, and most importantly 19 imported and Japanese craft beer on tap including rare titles like Jever and Yona Yona from Japan!

Map & Coupon for The Aldage


Pub Cardinal, Dynamic Pubs & Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

Pub Cardinal, Dynamic Pubs & Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan Pub Cardinal, Dynamic Pubs & Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan


One of Tokyo's more atmospheric pub groups, Pub Cardinal boasts locations at some of Tokyo's most famous addresses including Asakusa, Ginza and Shiodome. Enjoy one of their unique Pub Cardinal Original Drafts after a days sightseeing or shopping.

Map & Coupon for Pub Cardinal in Ginza

Map & Coupon for Pub Cardinal Marunouchi (P.C.M.)

Map for Pub Cardinal in Akasaka (P.C.A.)


HUB, British Pubs in Japan

HUB Pub in Tokyo Japan HUB Pub in Tokyo Japan


With their convenient locations and expansive menus, The HUBs remain amongst the most popular spots to grab a pint and a light meal, catch a game on the widescreen TVs or enjoy music from the digital jukeboxes. The HUB has branches all over Tokyo and is almost certainly one of the first places a visitor will come across.

HUB Coupons and Maps


The Rose & Crown, British Pubs in Japan

The Rose & Crown, British Pub The Rose & Crown, British Pub


The Rose and Crown also enjoys locations at some of the city’s prime addresses and are popular for their original Rose Ales, traditional menu selections and very agreeable happy hours.

Maps & Coupons for The Rose & Crown


Coopers, British Pub in Shiodome, Tokyo (Shimbashi)

Coopers British Pub in Shiodome Tokyo Coopers British Pub in Shiodome Tokyo


With a sophisticated interior, variety of food and drinks (including Guinness on tap), and a relaxing atmosphere, Coopers is perfect for an evening of fun with friends.

Maps & Coupons for Coopers in Shiodome



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