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Seasons in Japan

Seasons in Japan


Restaurants with Cherry Blossom Views

Deryk Bliss

Deryk Bliss
An escapee from Northern B.C., "Dez" has made Japan home for the last 10 years. When not turning out for the illustrious Saitama Jets or turning up on a ski slope somewhere, he can be found in tireless investigation in his quest to find the perfect craft beer. At least so he claims.




Hanami in Tokyo presents a bit of dilemma. On the one hand, this is an amazing time of year. The thousands of sakura trees in the city, it's parks and environs create an amazing site and it would take an awfully stern soul to not at least be somewhat impressed by the natural spectacle that these trees and their extraordinary blossoms create every spring. On the other, this is a metropolis of an estimated 30 million and virtually all of them head to the same places you're planning on - making for big crowds almost everywhere you go.

While nothing can quite match a stroll through a path canopied in white and pink or a picnic with friends and family beneath these ephemeral flowers the crowds can occasionally get a bit much, it has to be said.

So, this year why not take a different approach? Why not relax at a private table with some fine wines, excellent meals and good friends while enjoying a lovely view of the cherry blossoms around you, away from the crowds and carousing?



Primi Baci (Kichijoji)

Primi Baci (Kichijoji) Primi Baci (Kichijoji)


Primi Baci has long been a local favourite in Kichijoji as much for it's menu as it's location. Nestled just inside Inokashira Park, Primi Baci is a prime spot for an excellent meal to compliment one of the more spectacular views of cherry blossoms you'll find in the city from their fine terrace.

Primi Baci Access
3-min walk from the Park Exit, Kichijoji Station (JR Sobu/Chuoh Lines, Tozai Line, Keio Inokashira Line) .



Canal Cafe (Iidabashi)

Canal Cafe compliments a great setting with it's appealing menu. Situated along the Sumeda-gawa river canal just in front of the historic Kagurazaka area, Canal Cafe offers the perfect setting to enjoy hanami from their Deck Side Cafe & Bar or from their comfortable tables situated with a view out over the canal and the sakura trees that line it.

Canal Cafe Access
2-min walk from the JR Iidabashi Station (Sobu Line) West Exit.

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown offers up great views of the cherry blossoms in the park below and great cuisine with which to enjoy it at Nirvana New York and Napule.



Nirvana New York (Roppongi)

Nirvana New York (Roppongi) Nirvana New York (Roppongi)


One of New York's finest restaurants, and best Indian restaurants, Nirvana New York now has it's Tokyo home here at Midtown. Situated with great views over the park and the city beyond, Nirvana New York is simply not to be missed. Do check out it's recently relaunched Happy Hour while relaxing on their open air terrace enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Nirvana Access
3 min walk from Roppongi Station (Exit 8), Oedo Line.
5 min walk from Roppongi Station (Exit 4A), Hibiya Line
3 min walk from Nogizaka Station (Exit 3) Chiyoda Line



Napule Midtown (Roppongi)

Napule Midtown (Roppongi) Napule Midtown (Roppongi)


The famous Omotesando Pizzeria and Restaurant makes its Tokyo Midtown home on the Garden Terrace. Enjoy a unique hanami by combining it with the Italian values of celebrating each meal, life, family and friends at Napule Midtown.

Napule Midtown Access
3 min walk from Roppongi Station (Exit 8), Oedo Line.
5 min walk from Roppongi Station (Exit 4A), Hibiya Line.
3 min walk from Nogizaka Station (Exit 3) Chiyoda Line.



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