Elana Jade, Organic Beauty Salon in Azabu Juban, Tokyo


Access & Directions to Elana Jade

Train Access

Azabu Juban Station (Toei Oedo and Namboku subway lines)

15 minute walk from Exit 5 of Roppongi Station (Toei-Oedo Line, Metro Hibiya Line)

Paid Car Parking nearby

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2 minute walk from of Azabu Juban Station. Take Exit 4 onto the shopping street. The salon is a 3min walk and is located on the right hand side of the shopping street across from the Gourmet supermarket.

There are several parking lots in the area including one on the very next corner past the salon on the Azabu Juban shopping street.

Contact Information to Elana Jade

Latorie Memorial Building 3F
1-5-19 Azabu Juban
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel. 03-6438-9895



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