Beauty Carmel, Beauty Salon in Hachioji, Tokyo

Photo from Beauty Carmel, Beauty Salon in Hachioji, Tokyo

Beauty Carmel, Beauty Salon in Hachioji, Tokyo

At Beauty Carmel in Hachioji, we offer various types of facial treatments based on anti-aging concepts to enhance your look. Treatments such as chemical peels (skin resurfacing), ions (penetrates Vitamins and placenta in your skin) and RF Electric Waves.

Chemical peels can effectively improve a variety of skin conditions including: wrinkles, spots, freckling, acne and acne scars. RF Electric Waves produce heat deep in the skin through a nuclear technique and is comfortable, harmless, and quickly burns away fat!

Eyelash Extensions (before/after)
Breakouts/Acne Facial (Extraction)
RF Electric Wave
Pigmentation/Wrinkle Facial (Exfoliation)
>Fat burning Weight Loss Body Care
Fat Burning
Weight Loss Body Care

Beauty Carmel Information


Tokyo, Hachioji-shi, Myojin-cho 3-22-11, Dia-Palace 803




10am - 10pm, Open on holidays


3 Facial and Body Room



Credit Cards

Not Accepted

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